Ten Tips for Choosing Commercial Painters in Atlanta

November 24, 2018

Ten Tips for Choosing Commercial Painters in Atlanta

Choosing a commercial painter isn’t as simple as you may think. Paint contractors and paint companies are unique unto themselves. Think about the attributes that comprise a company:

  • Where is the focus? High-quality work and good customer service, or making a buck?
  • ‍Service Standards
  • The paint contractor’s mindset
  • Workforce Dedication
  • Reputation and amount of experience
  • ‍Communication Skills
  • ‍Leadership Style

Clearly, choosing a commercial painter at random isn’t such a good idea. Neither is hiring your neighbor’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s best friend who needs a job. There’s too much at stake and too much to consider. So, we’ve compiled a checklist of helpful hints to assist you in choosing the right commercial painter for your specific needs.  

You know, some of the most frequent worries of clients who are about to hire a painting contractor are:

  • The price they were quoted initially is much lower than the final price
  • The finished product won’t look as good as it does in the picture
  • The paint will begin to chip and fade sooner than anticipated
  • The painting contractor will skip out on the warranty

After hiring a painting contractor, the most common annoyances were:

  • He or she was difficult to get a hold of and failed to return my calls
  • The painting crew left a mess
  • The paint company never did complete my punch list
  • The painters couldn't or wouldn’t answer my questions, and suggested I call the contractor.

You may be surprised at how many paint contractors will attempt to dodge taking responsibility for the above worries and annoyances. Why? They just don’t know how to deal with them.  

Okay, so how does a person choose a reputable commercial paint contractor in Atlanta with integrity, whom you can trust?

  1. Ask people you know for their recommendations. You can also reach out to Atlanta trade organizations, such as the Home Builders Association of Georgia, for advice on hiring paint contractors in your area.
  2. Request that the contractor provides references from past clients whose projects were comparable to yours. Then, contact each person on the list.
  3. Obtain several estimates, in writing, from various paint companies for the same job specs.
  4. Always insist on a contract for the agreed-upon work, including all guarantees, warranties, and commitments, in writing.
  5. Decide on the start and completion dates and make sure they are also included in the contract.
  6. Think about setting payment terms that are in-sync with the stages of the job. Example: one third down, another third at the halfway point, and the rest to be paid upon completion.
  7. When the paint job is completed, make sure it corresponds to the contract terms.
  8. Never pay the paint contractor in-full before the job is complete.
  9. Find out if the paint contractor uses subcontractors in their crews.  
  10. Find out if his or her employees are required to pass a drug screening test and/or background check as a condition of employment.
  11. Bonus Tip:

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