Building Painting Atlanta

There’s a reason why so many home and business owners turn to BGC Pro Painters for building painting in Atlanta- we get the job done with no hassles or delays along the way, providing profesisional results every time. If you’re in search of a painting company that can save you both time and money on exterior painting, make a call to our office at 770-756-6853 to discuss your project with our team. You won’t regret choosing our 5-star rated company; we’re highly recommended and credentialed.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter

1. Can you provide me with local references? Any painter worth their salt will want to show off local projects they’ve completed in the past year. If your prospective painter has nothing to show for their work around your community, they’re either embarrassed about the quality of their workmanship or they’re new to the area. In either case, it’s a good idea to keep looking. Get in touch with BGC Pro Painters to see examples of our handiwork; we’re proud of the way we meet the needs of our Atlanta customers.

2. Do you have a lot of experience with building painting in Atlanta? Interior painters will often try to fill their calendar by taking on jobs that are out of their realm of expertise. Finding out about your painter’s experience will go far in making sure you experience professional results. Ask about time spent on a ladderor scaffolding, experience selecting exterior paints, and any other questions that come to mind about your specific project. Make sure the answers you hear meet your expectations.

3. Can you provide a free estimate and put it in writing before the work begins? Without a written cost estimate, you could be facing a hefty bill when the work is completed. Amateur painters are notorious for hidden fees and surprise bills, both of which you’ll want to avoid when hiring someone for building painting in Atlanta. With a written estimate, you can rest easy while the work is being done. Feel free to contact BGC Pro Painting to find out about the costs of having your house painted.

4. Do you offer additional services besides building painting? Atlanta painters sometimes specialize in just one specific service; it’s a good idea to find out whether your painters can help with future projects, such as interior painting, drywall repair, and water damage restoration. BGC Pro Painters can help with many different home improvement projects- let us know what you have in mind when you call.

5. How long have you been painting buildings locally? You’ll want to make certain your painters have a long, established reputation throughout the Atlanta community before you hire them for something as important as building painting in Atlanta. BGC Pro Painters brings 25+ years of expertise to your project.

Why not give us a call right now to discuss colors, materials, and costs of new exterior primer and paint? Follow us on social media to stay connected with our team while you consider us for your project.

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