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Spend a few minutes looking into our reptutation at BGC Pro Painters before you hire exterior painters in Atlanta. We have the experience you seek and the commitment to excellence it takes to deliver quality results. If you need your home or business painted, get in touch with us for a free estimate and over-the-phone advice- you’ll be glad you chose a professional painter with the right skills and equipment. Follow us on social media to stay connected with our team while you get ready to start on your project.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Exterior Painter

1. Make sure the company you hire has hundreds of hours of experience with exterior painting. Don’t let an amateur painter convince you that they have what it takes simply because they can paint walls and do drywall work. Specialized knowledge is necessary for an exterior paint job, such as working on ladders/scaffolding, choosing the right paints, and being able to complete your project under budget. When in doubt, reach out to BGC Pro Painters and we’ll discuss the job with you in detail.

2. Spend time on the Web reading testimonials and reviews before you hire a painter. Look for longer reviews that really tell the story of how well the service provider met the needs of the customer. Realize that there will always be a small percentage of negative reviews; rather, look at how the company addresses these less-than-ideal comments instead of focusing on the comment, itself. Type BGC Pro Painters into your preferred search engine to see how we measure up to our competitors.

3. When choosing exterior painters in Atlanta, it’s a good idea to interview multiple companies before you make the final decision. Time on the phone will give you insight into how each company will treat you as a customer. Ask a lot of questions and listen to see if your prospective painters take the necessary time to answer you in full. Get in touch with BGC Pro Painters at 770-756-6853 with any questions about our company.

4. The appearance of your painters and their equipment will say a lot about the company. If your exterior painters in Atlanta show up looking unprofessional in a vehicle that looks like it’s on its last legs, it’s a good indication that they’re new to the painting business and probably not a good pick for your project. Painters that arrive in professional clothing, with the right equipment for the job will give you peace of mind that everything is in capable hands.

5. Go with your gut instinct after spending a minimum of 3 days comparing painters, costs, and services. Make sure you’re protected by a customer satisfaction guarantee before work begins. You can rest secure in the knowledge that the best exterior painters in Atlanta are working on your home or commercial building simply by calling on BGC Pro Painters. Check us out online and read more about our credentials and experience on our website.

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