Aramark Atlanta Commercial Painting Project BGC Pro Painters

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Aramark Atlanta was long over due for some remodeling and renovations. From interior painting to office buildouts, this commercial project had all the trades covered. Our team began with a complete blow down and super clean of the interior roof and rafter within the factory. From there, we began painting all metal stairwells, railings, handrails and riser. We added an outstanding and safety feature with new, concrete epoxy paint in the higher traffic areas and bathrooms.

The corporate office received a major overhaul of office builds, new tile carpeting, LVP flooring for the cafeteria and, of course, a fresh coat of paint throughout the building. Lastly, the exterior of the building was in dire need of masonry repairs, window cleaning and painting. This project was scheduled around work schedules, high traffic times, nights and weekends and, of course during the COVID 19 Pandemic shutdown.



Aramark Atlanta Commercial Painting Project BGC Pro Painters

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