How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Improve Your Business


How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Improve Your Business

There’s no denying that first impressions mean a lot. They can make or break a business and can also mean the difference between gaining or losing fresh clientele.

GPC Renovations to the Rescue!

Have you ever noticed a building with clean, modern signage, but its paint job looked like something out of the 1980s?  Fading, cracking, and chipping paint sends a message to your clients, both loyal and perspective. That message is usually one of the following:

  • You don’t give a darn
  • Business is not booming and you can’t afford to hire a professional commercial painting contractor
  • You are not interested in engaging new clients, and may be going out of business

While a commercial building that sports an old, chippy paint job doesn’t exactly inspire consumer confidence in your products and/or services, there is an easy fix. Plus, a fresh coat of paint is one of the best investments you can make for your Atlanta business.

Local, Atlanta Painting Company Here To Help

If your commercial building could use a facelift, give GPC Renovations a call. With over 20 years of professional and diverse experience in interior and exterior commercial painting projects, our skilled, professional paint crews can handle any job, large or small. GPC Renovations’ painting pros will not only rejuvenate your building’s exterior, but the project will be completed on time and within budget. Our crews also clean up after themselves and treat your property as if it were their own.

Let GPC Renovations Color Your World!

Speaking of color, how does an Atlanta business owner choose the right color for his or her commercial building?

Actually, colors can play a huge role in inspiring trust and making your clientele feel comfortable and relaxed. Different colors subliminally stimulate a wide range of emotional responses from intriguing to negative, and everything in between.

For instance, many restaurant owners hire paint contractors to paint their exteriors red, because red arouses hunger. This is not the best choice for a fitness center or gym.

Shades of orange send a message of deep discounts and deals to be made. If you own an art gallery or an avant garde boutique, I’d give orange a wide berth.

Green is a healing color, so many clinics and wellness centers opt for a tranquil shade of green, while an attorney would do well to choose shades of brown and gray.

Yellow can go either way. It’s an attention-grabbing color, but too much of it can cause tempers to flare.

Of course, the commercial building painting experts at GPC Renovations will be happy to help you choose exactly the right color for your Atlanta business.

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