Interior Painting by BGC Pro Painters: Winter is the Best Time


Interior Painting

Typically, when Atlanta residents contemplate painting their homes, they start calling paint contractors in spring or summer. However, the warmer seasons are not necessarily prime time for paint projects. Winter may seem like an unlikely season to tackle that interior painting project you’ve been considering, but in reality, you couldn’t choose a better time!

Here’s why:  

The Price is Right

There are much better deals to be had since paint contractors are generally not as busy during the cold winter months. Why wait for spring and summer to roll around to get that interior paint job done, when paint companies are usually overbooked and prices are higher? Get that paint project done now, so you can enjoy the summer weather even more!

Faster Service

Since interior painting is done indoors, the shorter days of winter don’t make a difference. The lack of sunlight isn’t a deal-breaker, neither are cold temperatures ice, nor snow. The professional GPS Renovations paint crew can paint indoors anytime as long as you turn the lights on.

Winter Air = Dry Paint

During the summertime, it can take paint forever to dry, especially if you live in a humid climate like Atlanta, Georgia. This can cause your interior paint job to take longer to complete, which can add to the expense of your project. In contrast, painting your home’s interior during the winter, all you have to do is open a window just a bit, and the paint will dry surprisingly fast.

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